SPACELAB SpaceLab is developing smart solutions of various complexity that enhance citizens’ everyday life. The company of engineers and developers provides support in projects related to the development and manufacturing of electronics in the areas of Aerospace Technology, Smart City, Medical Technology, Green Energy, Defence Industry, and Consumer Electronics. visit website outcomes. Our experts managed […]

The Right Stuff

THE RIGHT STUFF The online store of The Right Stuff® is designed to provide the best, scientifically-validated hydration products for customers. Their formula developed by NASA and it’s is highly effective in controlled clinical environments on Earth and has been used by the astronauts during missions for over 10 years. visit website outcomes. Listening to […]

DISHAI is a minimalistic online store for Tominer Lab’s products – for nasal hygiene and treatment of nasal pathology. They are high-quality products, based on seawater, rich in trace elements and mineral salts – essential for the normal protective function of the nasal mucosa. visit website outcomes. Our team designed a user-friendly, modern and […]


EMOTICON QUIZ Originally produced in the Netherlands in 1948, Mentos is a well-known brand of scotch mints sold in stores and vending machines in more than 130 countries worldwide. outcomes. The team of New Wave Digital successfully identified the target audience and managed to build an intuitive, responsive interface for the promotional campaign of Mentos […]

NPro Consult

NPro Consult NPro Consult is a result-driven, user-centric agency, offering a full range of IT services and business consultancy. visit website outcomes. Our team managed to provide expert corporate branding guidance; develop refined & responsive web design, as well as to create engaging web content in English, optimized for the search engines. We are also […]


FUNTOPIA An online game allowing us to test your agility on our interactive climbing walls, experience the thrill of the ninja course or see the world from the heights of the ropes course. visit website outcomes. Our team managed to build an ingenious, interactive gamification platform for Funtopia adventure parks. We created an easy-to-use, kid-friendly […]


BRAUN consists of an information portal and an online store through which Orbico Bulgaria Limited offers and sells Braun products – a world-known German brand for consumer goods, covering areas such as male grooming, hair removal, skincare, and kitchen and household. visit website outcomes. Our team succeeded in creating a clean and harmonious web […]


1FORFIT A world-famous company with a focus on demonstrating the real benefits of a healthy lifestyle by creating, developing and selling online personalised meal plans in several countries. visit website outcomes. Our team performed comprehensive research on the brand’s target audience, provided skilled web development services and, ultimately, developed modern, user-friendly design. This had a […]


FISM FISM is the first and only social network app for magicians. view pitch deck outcomes. Our team took the lead on every stage of the MVP development, starting from the initial research to the successful investors’ pitching process. The project is currently at the mobile app development stage that will take approximately 1 year. our role. […]