Existing in such a dynamic world, businesses need to know how they stack up digitally and whether they are well- equipped to beat the competition online.

Individual audits we are great at:

Mobile Site Audit

A review of mobile compliance for search engines and website users. We do investigate issues such as page load speed and image rendering and make clear recommendations on how to fix any issues.

Comprehensive UX Review

A thorough look at website usability from landing page to required action pages. Covering things like bounce rate, poor imagery, and flow usability.

Brand Identity Audit

Analysis of a brand’s current position and performance, measured KPIs, ROI models, and recommendations.

SEO Audit

This is a review aimed to identify as many basal issues affecting the organic search performance of a website as possible.

Social Media Audit

Overview of the social presence and past performance to make intelligent future decisions. Highlighting the key trends, prosperous and ineffective strategies as well as content suggestions.